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Top Ten Items for Simple Puppy Care!

by Safe Home Team 27. April 2009 08:00


Congratulations! You’ve decided to add to your family by bringing home a new puppy. Pets are an endless source of love and entertainment. Love your dog back by making sure it is properly fed, watered, trained, and cared for. You will need a lot of patience and the proper tools. While we can’t be there to calm you down when Fido eats your favorite shoes, we can make sure you have the right equipment. Below are ten items that will make training and care much easier.

1. Pet Feeder with Timer

Getting your puppy the proper amount of food is a balancing act. They need to fill their tummies, but puppies typically don’t know when to stop eating. Talk to your vet, shelter, or breeder to find out how much the dog should be getting per day based on its size and breed, and make sure you feed it at the same time every day. Investing in a programmable feeder will take away this worry. The Ergo Automated Pet Feeder is one of our favorites. It comes in small, medium, or large, so you’ll be able to find one for any breed. If your puppy is a fast eater, looking into the EatBetter Bowl. It’s designed to encourage your puppy to take smaller bites.

2. Clean Water for your Pet

An often-overlooked source of germs is the puppy’s water bowl.  To make sure you maximize your puppy’s health, wipe it out each refill with some kind of disinfectant. Pick a natural one, such as vinegar, as your puppy will ingest it. To save yourself some hassle, consider purchasing a waterer with a filtration system – such as the Ergo Pet Oasis Automatic Pet Waterer, which comes in small, medium, and large. It has a filtration system similar to your Brita pitcher. You can be sure that your pet is getting water just as clean as yours. Plus, the constant stream of oxygenated water constantly cleans the bowl, ridding it of harmful bacteria and viruses.

3. Pet Bed

Puppy BedEveryone needs a place that is just his or hers, and your dog is no exception.  Provide a cozy resting spot by getting a comfy, size appropriate bed made with natural fibers, such as lambs wool.  You will certainly want one with a removable cover so you can throw it in the washing machine about once a week. For added comfort, you may want to invest in a heated or cooling pad if you live in an area that gets particularly hot or cold. Allied Precision makes some fabulous heated beds and mats in any size you need. The Cool III Pet Water Bed is one of the best cooling pads on the market for comfort and durability.

4. Housebreaking Aides

One of the most frustrating parts of being a new puppy parent is housebreaking. No matter how diligently you watch, the minute you turn your back Fido will inevitably piddle on the floor at some point. You may want to place some pet training pads near the door the dog goes out from. It will cut down on the messes that happen when the puppy is just too small to hold it. You could also consider installing dog doors so the puppy doesn’t have to wait to be let out. A cool alternative is the dog doorbell. You can place one by the door, and Fido rings to be let out or in!

5. Collar and Leash

Your puppy is going to need exercise to stay happy and healthy. Make sure it has a comfortable collar and leash.  As the puppy is learning, you may consider a retractable leash, such as the Flexi Retractable Leash. It will allow you to give the puppy some space, but pull him back if he wanders ahead.


6. Pet Confinement for Home and Travel

One of the best dog training tips we can give you is to invest in some pet gates. When your puppy is young, it is best to limit the areas in which it can roam, and sectioning those areas off with gates makes moving about the house much easier for you. It is especially important to use while potty training your dog.  If you have a larger breed, you can purchase pet gate extensions to keep him from jumping over. Any room with linoleum or tile floors would be ideal, as it makes cleaning up those inevitable accidents less of a chore. If you take the dog many places, consider getting a puppy playpen, such as the Home ‘N Go Pet Pen. If the puppy has a mess at someone else’s house, at least he’ll do it in the playpen.

7. Bark Stop Training Aides

Puppies bark. A lot. Just like any other baby, they’re just trying to figure how to best communicate with the family. You will want to teach your dog that barking is not acceptable or you’ll end up with one big head ache! If you want some quick results, you can go the route of the shock collar, such as the Innotek Smart Dog Professional No Bark Collar, which is one of the safest shock collars made. If you’re worried about the “shock,” there are sonic alternatives like the PetSafe Premium Ultralight Bark Control Collar. When the dog barks, it emits a high-pitched only audible to the dog. Put these on the puppy during times when it's particularly inapprorpiate for him to be barking, such as morning or night. Also, try to reinfornce it with a firm but calm, "Quiet!" Soon the puppy will associate the command with the behavior.

8. Indoor Boundaries Training Aides

Puppies want to be everywhere the humans or their food are. However, jumping on the furniture or “counter surfing” are difficult and annoying habits to break. As previously mentioned, pet gates are a great way to control your puppy's movement around the house. However, there are many more aides out there. Consider purchasing Scat Mats. They are static charged mats that you can place in front of sofas or counters. Eventually you can replace them with uncharged dummy mats, and in no time Fido will realize his boundaries.

9. A Brush

Regularly brushing your dog will make both you and the puppy happier and more comfortable. He will shed less, and pet odor won’t build. Using one with an ionizer, such as the Lentek Ion Pet Brush, will really help cut down on odor and dander. Plus, this brush has massaging qualities, so your dog will love grooming time! Ideally you want to brush the puppy daily as he gets older, but a few times a week is fine too.

10. Ear Scope

Keeping a dog’s ears healthy is incredibly important as it develops. However, infection, mites, and foxtails can get in there and cause damage. Make sure you wipe your puppy’s ears out every time you groom. To make sure that Fido’s ears are clean and healthy, investing in an ear scope is a good idea. If he seems to be scratching more than normal, you can look in and see what’s going on. Be sure to buy one that is specifically for pets, as they have the correct length of scope to see into doggie ears.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, get it all in one place with the Complete Puppy Packages in either pink or blue. It has all the basics you need for bringing home a new puppy.

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