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Pest Control with a Conscience

by Safe Home Team 13. August 2009 08:56

If you have a garden, the last thing you want is for rodents and pests eating away at all your hard work. However, setting traps or spreading poison over the ground can feel inhumane and be dangerous for your family and the Earth. Fortunately, there are humane and eco-friendly way to keep pests from digging through your garden and yard.

Sonic Chasers

Sonic Mole Chaser

Perhaps the least intrusive pest controller is a sonic chaser. It can be placed into the ground, going almost unnoticed. The sonic chaser emits a sound or vibration, undetectable to humans, that annoys burrowers, sending them running for quieter grounds. A great model is the Mole Chaser Mole Control Stake. You stick it right into the ground, and vibrations irritating to rodents pulsate outward, sending gophers and moles for calmer feeding grounds.

Organic Pellets

Rabbit Scram

Not all pellet repellents are harmful or bad for the environment. There are plenty of organic pellets out there. If you’re having particular issues with rabbits, one of the best repellents you can get is the Rabbit Scram Rabbit Repellent. It is safe for the environment, and not harmful to humans or animals that may ingest it. The Rabbit Scram is made from dried blood, garlic, white pepper, cloves, and meat meal. When rabbits, which have a keen sense of smell, get a whiff, they believe danger is near and scram.


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